Redesigning Enkel Studios' E-Commerce Site UI | Design With Me ep. 1

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For those of you who love it when I deep dive into certain topics of marketing, this one is for you! In this video, I'm taking you along with me on my journey to redesign Enkel Studios' E-Comm site UI as well as show you my typical creative process when I'm tackling a design project.

I am not a designer for my 9-5, but I do website design in my side business, Zest! Website UI design has always been something I love to do so I'm super excited to get to completely redo the Enkel Studios site!

00:00 Intro
02:25 The Easiest Website Builder: Zyro
04:49 Gathering Inspiration
05:46 Putting Together Branding and Style Guide
06:40 Designing the Elements
07:29 Designing a Popup Newsletter Modal
09:40 Designing Error Messaging
10:50 Homepage Design
16:23 Outro

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