Redesigning A Website Landing Page for a Premium Slack Community Live - Web Design Tutorial

One of my clients was nice enough to give me permission to design a landing page for them live on stream, so I'll be taking you inside my landing page redesign process.

Here's an overview of what we'll be doing:
- Setting up requirements for the landing page via user stories from the client brief
- Building a mood board of references to use as inspiration
- Designing a rough layout for the page using the grey block method (Low-Fidelity Wireframe)
- Improving the UX designs to fulfill all use cases and help improve comprehension and conversions (Mid-Fidelity Wireframes)
- Applying the existing brand to the UI designs, including branding, colors, and fonts (High-Fidelity Mockups)

This will be a 100% unfiltered look into my web design process so you can learn how to quickly knock out an awesome redesign in just a few hours. Feel free to ask any questions in the chat, or if you're catching the replay you can ask me anything in the comments and I'll be sure to reply.

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