Redesign Netflix UX UI Design Challenge

About this workshop:

We will identify problems and gaps with the current Netflix platform and discuss ways we can improve the platform.

We will come up with quick and dirty solutions together that solve for these problems and gaps.

We come up with ways to make our solutions more creative and interactive!

Remember, iteration is everything! A perfect app wasn't designed in one day.

What’s the purpose of ideation workshops?

To bring people with different POVs together: Executives across the sales, marketing, customer success, tech, design and more.

To get them to agree on priorities: What’s the product roadmap? What are some high impact, low effort initiatives the organization can tackle?

To learn more about UX Design:

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UX Slack Channel: https://www.ideatelabs.co/slack-community

Free Events & Workshops: https://www.ideatelabs.co/workshops

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