Design trends change often, and while there’s an appeal to appearing old-school in some niches, plain old isn’t the same as old-school or retro. If you don’t keep your eye on design trends, you’ll start losing customers in no time. Or you’ll stop attracting new ones, which, depending on your business, can be even worse.

On the other hand, if you redesign a website for your business from time to time — when the trends are relevant for your business — you can pull in new customers who were “just passing by”.

Design trends aren’t only about color themes and shapes. Although global preferences change in these directions as well, website design is about so much more. For example, in recent years, we’ve been moving towards uncluttering our lives, and that’s been reflected in web design: Cleaner and more straightforward websites are all the rage. Also, motion UI is gaining more and more followers. Following these trends requires a careful and smart approach so that you don’t overdo it. When done right, an up-to-date website design can get you new customers.

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