Realtime Remix w/ Supabase - Course Drop Party

Casual event to learn about Level Up Tutorials' latest series on supabase with Jon Meyers, Scott Tolinski and Kaitlin Bloom.

Come hang out while we chat about our most recent tutorial series drop. Jon Meyers, a Software Engineer, Educator and Hip Hop Producer from Melbourne, Australia, authored this month's tutorial series on supabase. In this course he'll mentor us through building a full stack authenticated real-time chat application using Remix and supabase.

who is this event for?
Everyone, really. But especially those who are interested in learning about remix and supabase. But it'll be pretty chill, so grab your favorite drink and hang out with us anyway.

what will I learn?
- All about the new course on supabase
- Why the topic was chosen and how the curriculum was written
- What you'll learn in the series
- A bit about Jon Meyers, Scott Tolinski and Level Up Tutorials

why should I come?
- You'll learn everything you need to know about our latest course and get your questions answered by the author
- Spend a little time with the LUT team and other members of our fun community
- Who knows, you might just win some free stuff

loose agenda (EST):
6:00 - 6:05 kickoff, welcome and intros
6:05 - 6:30 Jon talks about the course
6:30 - 6:50 q&a about the course
6:50 - 7:00 hang out and party on

who the heck is Jon Meyers?
Jon Meyers is a Software Engineer, Educator and Hip Hop Producer from Melbourne, Australia. He's passionate about web development and enabling others to build amazing things! He is currently working as a Developer Advocate at supabase, showing just how awesome databases can be!

what is Level Up Tutorials?
Modern Web Development Training Made Easy: Cutting-edge, high quality video tutorials for web developers and designers.

Created in 2012 to address the lack of online web development learning materials, Level Up Tutorials now has over 130 tutorial series to help you become a better developer or designer. With a focus on modern technologies, LUT delivers high quality video tutorials to mentor you through learning some of the latest and greatest tools and tech out there to get yourself to the next level.
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