React Trends: Interview with React Query creator Tanner Linsley

Tanner Linsley, creator of React Query and React Table, talks us through some of the top trends in the ReactJS and web development world in 2022. He discusses his work in open source as well as the challenges of building complex data-driven UI experiences in React. In particular he goes into challenges working with big datasets, cramming lots of charts and tables onto single pages, working with date picker components, range sliders, and tables, and how to handle sampling, virtualization and pagination.

0:00 Intro
2:30 Why create these open source projects?
3:20 The value of open source
5:30 Tanner's startup Nozzle and working with big data
8:20 Nozzle tech stack and architecture
10:00 More about the Nozzle product
12:00 Major trends in React
13:30 Important considerations for every user
17:05 Improving UX
17:45 Challenges you've faced building front end dashboards
19:30 Working on ChartJS 2.0
21:00 All about React charts
25:30 Finding a data viz system for your app
26:40 Challenges with d3 and React
27:10 Lessons building tables and datagrids in React
30:00 Headless UI design
35:00 When to use headless UI methods
37:30 Challenges with datepicker components
43:00 Future of UI design in React
49:00 What it's like building famous open source libraries
51:00 Working with large datasets in React
55:00 Virtualization vs. pagination
1:00:00 Data sampling to reduce front end load
1:04:00 Build vs. buy for internal tooling

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