React Social Media App Design | Dark/Light Mode & Responsive & HTML CSS

Social media website design using React, HTML, and CSS. React social media app using React Hooks, Context API, Dark Mode, Responsive design.

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0:00 Introduction
01:30 Installation
05:30 React Login Page Design
17:00 React Register Page Design
19:40 React Router Dom Tutorial (v6.4)
27:29 React Router Dom Protected Route (Auth)
30:30 Social Media Website Navbar UI Design
39:30 Social Media Website Left Menu UI Design
47:40 CSS Sticky Positioning Tutorial
51:30 Right Menu UI Design
01:01:16 How to Create Dark Mode using React and Sass
01:11:16 React Dark Mode with Context API
01:17:20 Understanding React Context API
01:26:35 Social Media User Story Section UI Design
01:33:00 Social Media User Post UI Design
01:46:15 Social Media User Comments UI Design
01:55:17 Social Media Website User Profile Page UI Design
02:07:24 React Sass Responsive Design Tutorial (CSS media query)
02:16:20 Outro
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