React Responsive Gym Website Tutorial Using ReactJs | React js Projects for Beginners | Deploy

In this Reactjs project, we will make an awesome responsive gym website step-by-step. We learn React hooks, modern CSS, framer motion, and many more. For contact, we will use the Email js library to make this site more functional and practical.

No prior knowledge of react is required to follow this project. The project is surely suitable for beginners.

Demo: https://fitclub-1my.pages.dev/

FitClub Starter: https://github.com/ZainRk/FitClub-Starter

Complete Source Code + Figma file: https://www.patreon.com/zainkeepscode

Time Stamps:
00:00 Intro
02:36 Contents
03:20 Starter Overview
07:10 Hero Component
40:15 Programs Component
49:01 Reasons Component
1:02:42 Plans Component
1:13:50 Testimonials Component
1:28:06 JoinUs Component
1:39:47 Footer
1:43:55 Blurs
1:49:54 Adding Animations
1:57:15 Making Responsive
2:16:44 Auto Scroll
2:19:45 Counting Numbers
2:21:20 Deployment

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