React JS for .NET Developers - get started in 10 minutes!

Learn how to get started using React JS and Typescript with a tutorial designed for .NET Developers familiar with MVVM and View Models in mind. In this video we convert a .NET C# WPF app to a Typescript based React JS app.

0:00 Intro
0:18 The WPF app we are porting
1:35 Starting the React Typescript app with npx
2:17 Running the app
2:54 Converting from a Functional Component to a Class Component
5:16 Creating the State from the View Model
6:40 Creating and calling the increment function
8:40 Using props to set the initial value
10:57 Thanks and outro

Get the code at https://github.com/edandersen/react-for-dotnet-devs

#reactjs #dotnet #mvvm
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