R-Ladies Johannesburg(Eng) - Intro to {learnr} for Interactive Tutorials-Yani Bellini & Pao Corrales

Yanina Bellini Saibene and Pao Corrales gave us an introduction to the {learnr} package and showcased some of the packages main functionality to create interactive tutorials.

{learnr} interactive tools allow the students to run R code directly in the tutorial, to answer questions and to receive immediate feedback.

Slides: http://tiny.cc/learnr_english
Github Link (with course materials in Spanish and English): https://github.com/MetaDocencia/curso_learnr

About our speakers:

Yanina Bellini Saibene, MS. She is a tenured researcher at the National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA, Argentina).
Further to this she has an impressive portfolio of mostly community driven work such as coordinator of the Agroecosystem Modeling Network. UNAB and UDE Professor. Co-founder of MetaDocencia, LatinR, and R-Ladies Santa Rosa chapter. Member, The Carpentries Executive Council, R-Ladies Global and Leadership Team, RForwards Core Team, R Consortium Infrastructure Steering Committee, R4DS_ES, useR! Working Group and MiR. She contributes to R packages such as learnr, glosario, agromet, sisintar y siga. Have a look at some of her fantastic tutorials and material at yabellini.netlify.com.

Paola Corrales, MS. is a Ph.D. student at the University of Buenos Aires. Teacher assistant at the Atmosphere and Oceans Sciences at Buenos Aires University and a professor at the Data Sciences degree and postgraduate courses at Guillermo Brown University. She is part of Expedition Science, an Argentina-based NPO, where she leads educational projects such as science camps and workshops for students and K-12 science teachers. She is co-founder and a Core Team member of MetaDocencia and instructor and trainer for The Carpentries. Like Yanina, Pao too has an impressive list of activities and community touch points!
paobcorrales.github.io | @paobcorrales

Yani and Pao are part of MetaDocencia (https://www.metadocencia.org/), a non-profit organization that nurtures a community of Spanish-speaking educators by teaching concrete, evidence-based, and student-centered educational methods. MetaDocencia collaboratively develops open, reusable, and accessible resources to foster effective training practices.
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