[QUICK GUIDE] How to edit WordPress Code - HTML, CSS, JS, PHP

HTML controls the overall layout, CSS handles the aesthetic elements, Javascript manages dynamic elements & PHP controls overall functionality. Take a backup before you edit your Website code! You can try BlogVault for bulletproof backups one-click staging, crashproof updates & more. Watch this video to learn how to edit your WordPress code to modify your website.

Resources used -
1. Backups & staging - https://www.blogvault.net/ ⭐
2. Modify CSS & JS - https://wordpress.org/plugins/custom-css-js/
3. Modify PHP - https://wordpress.org/plugins/code-snippets/
4. Get FREE code snippets:
a) https://freefrontend.com/
b) https://css-tricks.com/
c) https://www.30secondsofcode.org/
d) https://codemyui.com/

⭐ We also have a complete security plugin called MalCare that offers free firewall & malware scanner, with a paid one-click malware removal and many other security features to give you complete peace of mind that your sites stay safe. (https://www.malcare.com/)

00:00 - Need to Know - 3 Tips
00:55 - Why use Child Theme
01:18 - Explain HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP in WordPress
02:30 - Edit HTML in WordPress
03:00 - Edit CSS in WordPress
04:10 - Edit Javascript in WordPress
04:50 - Edit PHP in WordPress

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