Python full course for beginners - #python Setup- python360 தமிழ் #Tutorial web development projects

Python full course for beginners - Python Setup | python360 தமிழ் (Tutorial) (includes machine learning & web development projects).

00:37 - How to Install Python
03:00 - Basic Syntax
07:33 - Python Programming

Python is one of the most commonly used programming languages and is being used by both beginners and advanced programmers. This course is for total beginners to python which covers everything from installation, basic data types, loops, lists, MapReduce, matplotlib machine learning, and web development( Django ).

Also, this course has a bonus python project on stock market analysis (using pandas, NumPy, matplotlib ) and power plant monitoring network using scapy.

Learn Python to be able to build solutions for problems in science, engineering, and business. This course will teach you Python programming basics and give you the skills you need to participate in today's growing fields such as big data science. You'll learn the basics of machine learning which gives computer systems the ability to automatically learn and improve upon themselves and also make decisions from experience. There is a growing demand for machine learning software engineers.

This video course is a high-quality beginner's guide designed to help you learn and master Python. We cover the basics of programming in Python 3 from installing Python (Windows | Mac), writing your first program, understanding data types, loops, functions, arguments, and more. After covering the basics of Python programming, we will move on to more advanced topics starting with machine learning. In later videos, we will be covering web development where you will build projects such as building a website with Flask and best practices for deploying applications on Linux servers.

Day Title
1 Introduction & installation of python
2 Variable And Data Types
3 Python Operators and Input Functions
4 Logical Operator and Math Functions
5 Conditional Statement
6 For Loop Statement
7 While Loop Statement
8 List And Tuples
9 String Methods
10 Dictionary In Python
11 Functions In Python
12 Oops-Classes, Constructors, Inheritance
13 Modules And Packages
14 Files In Python
15 Errors And Exception
16 Libraries, Pypi and Pip
17 Automation With Python
18 Machine Learning with Python
19 Building Website with Django
20 Fake News Detection Using Machine Learning
21 Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Random Forest Algorithm
22 Rainfall Prediction Using Machine Learning
23 Customer Segmentation Using K-Means Clustering Algorithm
24 Stock Market Price Prediction Using Machine Learning
25 Heart Disease Prediction Using Machine Learning
26 Intrusion Detection Model Using Machine Learning
27 Hate Speech Detection using Machine Learning
28 Detection of Phishing URL Website using Machine Learning
29 Liver diseases Prediction using Machine Learning
30 Student Placement Prediction using Machine Learning
Web design
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