Proto Tech Tip - Corner Treatment in SolidWorks (And Why You Shouldn't Use it In Your Design)

Every week, Team Protocase is bringing you a Proto Tech Tip video, where we'll give an informative look at a particular aspect of sheet metal fabrication and CNC Machining.

This week, Cody is back to talk about the corner treatment feature inside SolidWorks and why you shouldn't use it when designing for sheet metal.

For many of our customers who are mechanical engineers and product designers, SolidWorks is their go to CAD software. There is a feature inside SolidWorks called corner treatment that alters how your bends meet up within the flat pattern of your sheet metal part.

Enabling this feature causes issues when our Engineering & Design Services team processes your design as a flat pattern DXF (for use with our fiber lasers to cut the parts). Check out the following video to find out why and how to prevent this from happening when sending in your next order.

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