Private by default - Gabriel Valdivia

Private by default

The future of software products is private, personalized, and on-demand. In this talk, Gabe will cover the lessons learned from the launch of private personalization startup Canopy's first consumer app, Tonic and how they can be applied to making future-proof decisions when designing products in 2021 and beyond.
About Gabriel

Gabe is a Cuban designer based in New York City, currently serving as the Head of Design at Patreon, where he’s building a new recommendation architecture for a better internet. Prior to that, he managed a design and research team at Alphabet's Jigsaw, an incubator focused on building technology-agnostic products for at-risk communities, Google Daydream and Facebook, where he led design on a variety of products including Pages, Photos, and Virtual Reality.

Gabe is energized by exploring new mediums and industries — from social good to emerging technologies and smart hardware — to learn how design and technology can be leveraged to enact positive behavior change.
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