Portfolio Review: Using Art Direction to Stand Out & Tell a Story

Hey everyone, I'm back with another review of an awesome portfolio that you have to check out!

I love when I come across a portfolio that has such an original art direction that is perfectly designed to tell their unique story. This is why I hope this website motivates you to think outside your comfort zone and push your creativity to create a website that portrays who you are and your stories.

Thank you Jacob for a fantastic website: https://jacobleech.com/

What do you think about this website? And what are your inspirations for your own website?

00:20 Introduction
00:43 Jacob Leech’s Web first impression
01:23 A unique feature
01:54 Analyzing the Website Unique Design
02:35 Web Inspiration #1 - content
03:25 Web Inspiration #2 - images
04:38 Personal Website goal
06:00 Conclusion
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