PHP Tutorial in Sinhala Book Shop POS 14 PHP tutorial by Nadun Nilanga

PHP Tutorial in Sinhala Book Shop POS 14 - Javascript Client Side Scripting

How to develop Point Of Sale System,

How to develop POS System, POS Tutorial #HTML #CSS #JavaScript #php

PHP Sinhala Tutorial - Beginner Course | Complete PHP Sinhala tutorial series. PHP is one of the popular web development technology in the world. This PHP Sinhala video lesson helps you to improve your Web development and web design skills.

This Sinhala PHP tutorial video covers the following factors;

* Bootstrap 5
* How to create htm form & table from scratch by using HTML CSS And JavaScript
* select2
*html table
* Bootstrap 5 sinhala tutorial

* Book Shop Management System

* Fundamental of HTML

* Fundamental of PHP

* Fundamental of HTML

* Fundamental of CSS

* Fundamental of JavaScript

* Fundamental of MySQL

* How to create a complete web application in PHP

* Why should you learn PHP and much more.

*html tutorial in sinhala

*bootstrap tutorial in sinhala

PHP beginner course in Sinhala. The video mainly focuses on the how-to download and configure the template
Shortly, you will see many Sinhala tutorials relating to the PHP, HTML, CSS, Laravel, Codeigniter, c# such as;

PHP POS System
PHP Point of sale system
How to create a pos

At the end of the video, you will customize the SB Admin template according to your requirements.
If you have any problems, please comment below. Thank you
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