PHP tutorial - build an online shop with Trongate

In this PHP. tutorial I'm going to show you how to build an online shop using the Trongate framework. Trongate is a new PHP framework that is build for stabililty and speed. It's available free of charge from:


In this particular video, we'll build the (entire) admin panel along with a basic front end for our shop. There will not be a checkout system here but I can cover that in part 2 - if it's something that people want.

I'm using XAMPP here to run PHP and MySQL on my computer. XAMPP, like Trongate, is free of charge and can be downloaded from:


I've created a short XAMPP installation for Mac users (your situation is a little bit more tricky than for Windows and Linxux). Mac users, please check out:


Remember, Trongate is free forever (that's a promise!) and Trongate is the only PHP framework that is committed to stability. That means, no more stupid rewrites!

Please support the revolution and help us to make PHP great again. You can do this by giving Trongate a star at:


To those of you who have already given Trongate a star (thank you!), you can help Trongate by liking this video and leaving a comment. It really helps.

Thank you for being here. Welcome to the revolution. Together, we SHALL make PHP great again!
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