Permissions in ShapesXR


To share creations and sketches with anyone and control the access rights, we added permission modes. Now its really easy to collaborate without accidentally editing or deleting parts of spaces and with the ability for other users to leave comments.

List of features for all permission modes:
ShapesXR enables XR teams to design truly immersive experiences, prototype VR/AR products and UI/UX design to speed up collaboration process.

In ShapesXR you start creating in 3D within minutes without prior experience. You can create immersive 3D storyboards to show your ideas in function and easily invite team members to iterate and design together in real-time.

ShapesXR was born with the mission to democratize 3D content creation allowing product owners, business leaders, and designers to finally start thinking and creating spatially together.

In ShapesXR you can pick a premade scene as a canvas for your creation or start from scratch. Designers can manipulate simple shapes at scale, change materials, research user flows, and pitch scenes in motion with a simple to use staging system. You can share and export in various forms—from VR, via Web, through the Unity plugin, and to 3D models (coming soon).
Web design
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