Paper Prototyping: How to Create & Usability-Test Simple UI Prototypes (40 min tutorial)

Create low-fidelity, low-commitment rapid user interface prototypes to can get early user feedback. Video shows how to conduct user testing of these simulated screens, with examples of the kinds of usability problems you can discover by testing different kinds of prototypes.

0:00 Title screen
0:07 Overview of Paper Prototyping (chapter 1)
3:40 Materials/Supplies for Creating Paper Prototypes (chapter 2)
5:52 How to Present Widgets & Interactions (chapter 3)
9:56 Testing Websites with Low-Fidelity Prototypes (usability study demo, chapter 4)
23:37 Testing Websites with Higher-Fidelity Prototypes (usability study demo, chapter 5)
34:15 Testing Mobile Devices (usability study demo, chapter 6)
37:15 Testing Hardware & Kiosks (usability study demo, chapter 7)
39:42 Conclusion

This video was filmed in 2011, but everything we say and show applies just as much today, highlighting the durability of good #UX research methodology.

#usability #userresearch #UX
Web design
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