PAIR Summit 2021: Day 1, English

Session 1: Improving health data connectivity and integration

Data duplication, inconsistency and information gaps – the pandemic showed just how important timely, accurate and complete data is to policy response and managing community wellbeing. The session explores the challenges of health data connectivity and integration in Indonesia. There are opportunities for Australia and Indonesia to collaborate in strengthening digital health.

Session 2: Protecting healthcare workers and changing public attitudes during a crisis

Changing health system practices and effective adoption of health and safety measures are some ways to curb the spread of COVID. But what does it take to decrease infection rates among frontline health workers and increase public compliance through public health education campaigns? This session discusses critical areas that need attention to better protect healthcare workers and explores public attitudes towards social distancing and vaccine uptake.

For more: https://pair.australiaindonesiacentre.org/pair-summit-2021/30-november-improving-healthcare/
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