Painting Tattoo Flash - Sparrow Tattoo Drawing

In this tattoo drawing video, i’ll be showing you my technique for painting tattoo flash using a sparrow tattoo drawing. I’ll be showing you how to black shade and colour this Traditional tattoo flash design using acrylic inks or watercolour paints for that traditional tattoo flash aesthetic!

Download the line drawing for todays video here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/10VJunQL9qAuTtslW57naCG3hVJhfaqtc

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Right here on Dagget Designs, I create drawing, painting and tattoo related videos! Many of which I go through the process of drawing tattoo designs and tattoo ideas. I’ve covered many styles such as American traditional tattoo, traditional Japanese tattoo and neo traditional tattoo designs. Nothing beats a beautifully hand painted tattoo flash! So get painting!

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