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We are feeling glad to tell you, VRx Academy is India's 1st Virtual Reality & Augmented Games Training Institute in Delhi / India, we provide an opportunity to learn Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality, In India, these technologies are on booming phase so in these technology have huge future career scope for Students . Since these technologies are very promising, will gain massive interest in public and it's an important part of the future as well. If you 'll join, learn & got trained you well be hired immediately by hundreds of startups, National Companies & MNC's and secure your future at least for 25 years.

Virtual Realty Design & Development Training
Augmented Reality Training
Game Design & Development Training
UI/UX Training
Programming Languages
C, C++, C#, PHP, Java Python, Etc.
Virtual Reality course
Digital Marketing course
Game Development course
Web Development Course
Android Development
Mobile Application Development
3D Unity and Unreal Engine
Digital Fashion Designing
3D Modeling
3D texturing

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