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Michelle Simpson Wellness is a Canadian health and nutrition coach. Michelle's simple objective: to help clients better understand their bodies, address root issues and find ways to optimize their health using food, lifestyle and other practices that nourish and heal.

Recently, Michelle approach Original Ginger to help her grow her business and build a strong online brand presence with a website, ecommerce, a learning management system and expert guidance on content marketing. Michelle had worked with us before during her employment with one of our long term clients and decided that Original Ginger was the perfect match for her project as well.

This case study interview will be helpful to to anybody who's thinking about how they should go about launching their own business as a small business owner, directly from a business owner who's doing a similar thing. It will also answer your questions about what to expect when you're starting your own business or if you are considering working with an agency like Original Ginger …

00:10 : Michelle Simpson Intro
00:52 : What were the business goals coming into the project?
02:14 : What were budget expectations?
03:11 : What specific services were required?
10:22 : Did the client make any discoveries during the process?
13:36 : What was expected when setting up E-commerce?
17:11 : Was it worthwhile to hire an agency to help with E-commerce?
17:43 : What was expected when setting up a Learning Management System and Video Bumpers.
21:58 : Short discussion about nutrition for women.
23:52 : How unique and collaborative was the process?
24:46 : Was it helpful to have a Content Marketing Tour Guide/Consultant?
26:17 : Was the time commitment for the Content Marketing Consultations worthwhile?
29:46 : Do the consultations actually provide actionable steps for marketing?
32:16 : Let's talk about Brand Photography!
36:14 : Let’s talk about the big milestones during the project!


About Original Ginger

Big agency expertise, boutique quality service! Original Ginger specialises in delivering "high-quality" branding and marketing services for organisations in health care, wellness, manufacturing, technology and more.

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Original Ginger is very dedicated to its clients – successful and promising business owners/managers/marketers needing help from an agency to produce high-quality branding and marketing content on an ongoing basis – and goes above and beyond to support them as their business grows.

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