ONE Month Later | Coding/Dev on M1 Max

I’ve spent ONE MONTH programming on the M1 Max. I have been doing iOS, Android, React, Python, and Spring Boot backend programming and have some good news and not so good news.

Additionally I have a giveaway announcement, be sure to find out our most recent winner and how to participate in the next.

How does the M1 Max stack up after a single month of software engineering and coding? Find out the recipe I used when deciding which hardware to go with and why I went with the M1 Max. If you work on the JVM, program with statically typed languages like Scala, Java, SpringBoot, Mobile App development like Flutter or React Native, Kotlin, Intellij, Swift, use Docker containers, or any other long running compilations check this out and see the results of this new hardware.

If you are on the fence about 14 versus 16 this video may also help you decide. Software engineering and software developers, we are working on making reviews for you. If you need us to check something out please leave a comment. Thanks!

Macbook Pros I currently own:
2021 M1 Max, 32 Core GPU, 64Gb Ram, Silver
2019 i9 8-Core 2.4Ghz Intel, 64Gb Ram, Space Grey
2018 i5 4-Core 2.3Ghz Intel, 16Gb Ram, Space Grey
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