ONCAMPUS UK at the Global Education's Virtual Expo September 2021

ONCAMPUS UK Webinar – Learn about the new skillset, knowledge and talents needed of graduates for the 21st Century!

The 2020 global pandemic has impacted and transformed much of the way of life for humankind requiring nations, societies, people, communities, economies and industries to adapt and change.

These impacts have affected us all to respond to many of the challenges involving the way we work, travel, consume, communicate, study, behave.

This webinar will share insight into research on the transformations taking taken place in the world of industry, education, employment with the effects of digitisation, acceleration of automation, artificial intelligence technologies. Economics have changed and so has the new skillset required of future global graduates planning to work within the new growth industries, commerce, businesses, organisations and professions.

The talk will expand more on the new skillset, knowledge and talents needed of graduates this part of the 21st century with an outline of UK educational and work opportunities in studying with ONCAMPUS global pathway partner and partner to world-leading universities.

ONCAMPUS UK is a partnership between many of the world’s leading universities and Cambridge Education Group. ONCAMPUS centres are based on university campuses throughout the UK, Europe and the USA. ONCAMPUS teach pre-university and first-year programmes leading to a wide range of undergraduate and Master’s degrees at leading universities across the UK, USA and mainland Europe, including Business, Engineering, Medicine, Nursing, Life Sciences and Art and Design.

Through the partnerships we have, we offer the opportunity for progression to over 500 degrees at universities

Meet directly with the University representative and receive first-hand information.

Global Education... A world of opportunity awaits!
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