Official Design Trend Tier List

Despite the fun we're having in this video, we do recommend you to keep up with some design trends that are timeless. Anyway, we hope you enjoy this video and get some inspiration from it.

Did we miss any of your favorite trends? Tell us what they are and why they are your favorites in the comment section below!

Tier list:


00:30 Introduction
01:38 Glassmorphism
02:38 Neumorphism
03:56 Minimalism
04:50 Isometric
05:45 Skeuomorphism
06:55 Flat design
07:53 Minimal rebrands
08:48 Gradients
09:52 Blurry/Meshgradients
10:43 Photorealistic 3D
12:00 Blindingly Colorful logos and icons
12:53 Duotones
13:50 Huge type
14:50 Long shadow
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