Notepad++ Tutorial for Beginners: Learn How to Use a Simple & Powerful Code Editor

Notepad++ is my favorite PC app for web design after Google Chrome because of how useful it is for taking quick notes, formatting data, and editing code including HTML, PHP, JS, and CSS (supporting almost 80 code languages in total).

The best part is how lightweight it is - it performs much more efficiently than other bulky code editors or development studios.

If you just want to quickly edit almost any type of file, Notepad Plus Plus is the best option!

Here are the chapters to follow along:

Intro - 00:00
How to format data - 00:22
Search within files - 01:30
Code editing - 02:31
Helpful code styling features - 03:00
Folder as a workspace - 04:21
Save your session - 05:10
Mac alternatives - 06:17
Now take action - 06:41

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