Node.js on Client Side vs Server Side - Stackblitz vs Codedamn Battle ⚡

Node.js currently has two main ways to work in the browser. The first and the most common way is something we proceed with at Codedamn, and the other newer way is implemented by Stackblitz.

Dummy playground to experiment with: https://codedamn.com/playground/McgIefPuK5SRvZixEU8_B

In this video, let's understand the demonstration of Codedamn's playground versus Stackblitz along with taking Node.js as the example. Let's understand how these two different approaches work, how they're similar, when and which one should you use?

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0:00 Teaser
0:42 How Codedamn’s Playground works?
4:05 How does Stackblitz work?
4:53 Codedamn v/s Stackblitz’s Playground
9:42 Conclusion
10:34 Outro

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