Node developers in denial!

Following yesterday's FRAMEWORK WARS! in which I demonstrated Trongate easily whooping Node.js - at a task that Node.js was meant to be good at - I received a comment from a well-intentioned Node.js developer who is clearly in denial about what just happened.

This, my friends, is something that we're going to see happening increasingly over the next few years. Trongate is the first PHP framework that boldly challenges Node.js AND WINS!

Interestingly, the person, who posted the comment, suggested that I should stick to challenging PHP frameworks like Laravel. Little does that school leaver know, I don't care about Laravel. We're taking Trongate BEYOND the realms of PHP and together we are challenging the best web development frameworks on Earth and together we are WINNING.

Do you think I'm going to waste my time competing against boring old 'me too' PHP frameworks? You think that of me? No way!

I am here and Trongate is here to take on the very best that web development can offer! Yesterday, Team Trongate WHOOPED Node.js ...and the whooping was good. Never forget that. Never forget what happened here!

This - my friends - was a task that involved building APIs. This is apparently the thing that Node.js does best ...and we totally WIPED THE FLOOR WITH NODE!!!!

Can you imagine.... oh people CAN YOU IMAGINE how much MORE Node would have got whooped if we had made the challenge about an area where Trongate is REALLY strong? If we had gone down that road then it would have been a crying, utter humiliation for Node!

Let's face facts. Node got whooped! All of the other PHP frameworks are dead on arrival. I might stop even discussing them. I'm not in any way interested in the other PHP frameworks. They're done! Together, we are going WAY beyond the realms of PHP. Trongate is here to take on and win against the best web development frameworks on Earth.

The sad thing is, when you build a framework that crushes the competition on every metric that counts, you very rarely get users from the losing side who accept what just happened. They cannot possibly come to terms with the fact that a very simple PHP framework is whooping them. They cannot possibly accept the fact that everything they've learned is bullschitt.

Now, I suggest you buy a big giant bag of popcorn, sit back and enjoy the party. Together, we are going to whoop framework after framework after framework after framework.

And yes... together, we SHALL make PHP great again.
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