NFTs & Web3 Explained by Jessica Soueidi | Founder of Art from Future Platform

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We had another spectacular guest on NewForum! Jessica Soueidi, Founder of Art From Future Platform. Art From Future is a Helsinki-based and woman-led startup DAO focused on educating artists & art professionals in Web3 and helping them succeed in the NFT space.

"The NFT space is community-based, so people like to share their NFTs on social media- they like to watch them on their phones. There are some free metaverse where you can create your gallery. So the way people experience art is also evolving, and I think that that can also be tricky when you are an artist, and you are used to having your works exhibited in a physical space is challenging, you don't necessarily understand what's the point... "-Jessica

Our community wanted to know how Jessica fell down the rabbit hole! A common question in Web3 that always comes with the most diverse answers!

"After working for three years as an artist, I noticed that it's impossible to make a living from your art. Eventually, I called my friends who were at school to see how it was going for them only to find out that many were taking several jobs and they couldn't make it at all..."-Jessica.

Jessica decided to go to business to build her Startup Art From Future Platform. The first time she heard of blockchain was in 2018 while studying. Jessica tells us her excitement for all the technologies that could democratize the art world. However, she had a bit of hesitation, the same hesitation or concern many artists have expressed while exploring Web3 technology.

She explains this common hesitation and concern many artists express in her full interview!

Jessica eventually launched her company. She was super proud of it but realized soon enough that what she had built didn't quite align with her ultimate vision.

"To remove intermediaries, I guess that it's super hard to do it in Web2, but Web3 solves the whole problem...- Jessica.

Jessica tells the possibility of her company Art From Future becoming a DAO. The NewForum community sees potential in an Art From Future DAO. Jessica is a founder who holds people-centric values and truly wants to see a paradigm shift in the art world inspired by her own experience as an artist. Jessica admits the technology of DAOs is new, and no one knows where they're going-people are building and seeing how it evolves. She is happy she can play her part and advises the community to start with the basics.

"I think that the most important thing is to get the community and see if people are interested because what's a DAO at the end of the day-it's a community of people working towards the same mission..."

Watch her full interview to learn more about what she means by starting with the basics, referring to DAOs, her honest and impeccable knowledge as an NFT coach and artist. We also discussed the metaverse and its impact on the art world.

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