Neubrutalism - a NEW UI design TREND

Since the material design revolution, we have been stuck with various versions of the modern-minimal style. Nice, rounded edges on everything, soft, colorful shadows and subtle, pretty gradients. But the fact that Neubrutalism exists makes me happy, because we do need alternatives in UX design.

Neo brutalism is also quite democratic. It often uses shapes styled in a default presentation software way like Keynote or Powerpoint.

That way of styling normalizes the ugly and makes it easier to approach for beginners - they'd be thinking "I could do that myself!" and I believe this is the exact reasons some brands went with this style. It's non threatening and anyone could do it. As far as UX/UI design trends go, this one is really interesting and worth exploring next to Neumorphism, Glassmorphism, Aurora UI and Modern Minimal.

You can find out more about this trend at neubrutalism.com

We talk about this style based on great examples from @Figma and @Gumroad

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