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Netflix UI UX is the sole reason behind the transformation of a video rental company into one of the leading online movie streaming platforms. According to statistics, 85% of the US movie streaming subscribers subscribe to Netflix.

Netflix started off as a small video rental service in 1997. However, it used technology to its advantage and made a multinational company, working worldwide. Nevertheless, have you ever wondered how you get such smooth interaction with a web or mobile application when nearly the world’s entire population is streaming at the same time?

Well, these are some of the lessons that you need to learn from UI UX designers of Netflix.

Here are the top psychological principle-based UX features of Netflix that you must take note of:-
0:30 Painless Onboarding
0:52 Personalized UX
1:09 A/B testing
1:30 Shelves on the screen
1:51 Responsive Layout
2:12 Simple Episode Switching
2:24 Change in Content

Read about Netflix UI UX – The reason behind efficient movie streaming here:-

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