My $160,000 UI/UX Design Career Path

Entering the UI & UX design industry can be quite intimidating. It can be very overwhelming when you're unclear about how you should navigate your career.

Where should you start?
Should you Freelance?
Should you work for an Agency?
What about a Startup?

I break it all down for you and share some of my personal thoughts and opinions based on my own experiences.

Over the last decade I have worked for an agency, led design teams for multiple scale-ups, built a successful freelance career and scaled it into a full fledged agency. Generating over $3M+ in 4 years.

Here are my insights for UI and UX designers looking for career path guidance.

I'd love to hear everyone's $160,000 story and what you had to overcome to achieve it. If you are currently along the journey to achieve the 6 figures, what are you struggling with and share them in the comments below. I'll be sure to answer all your concerns!

Let's share the failures, learnings and good vibes!


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