Modern Social Media Banner | Food Restaurant | Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

Modern Social Media Banner | Food Restaurant | Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

How To Design Instagram Post - illustrator Tutorial
Hello Everyone, Welcome to my graphics 360 Bangla channel. Post Design By Using illustrator best of Design Tutorial-600Web Banner size 600x600 pix,Resolution 300, Color Mode RGB.Hope You Guys Like My Video Don't Forget To Subscribe My Channel.Back with another tutorial and in this video, we will create an elegant fashion sale banner design for social media post in adobe illustrator.
Learn how to create cool and elegant banner designs with the use of simple and basic tools of adobe illustrator.

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All designs or design styles published on this channel are not permitted for sale or publication on the web site.

More precisely this channel shows tutorials on how to create designs or templates for those of you who want to learn techniques in Illustrator / photoshop.

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