Mobile-first vs Responsive Web Design | DesignRush Quicksights Episode 1

On the first episode of DesignRush QuickSights we are discussing mobile first vs responsive web design. Our guest today is Irina Gedarevich from eSEO Space.

1. What is the difference between mobile-first and responsive web design?

Mobile first is exactly how it sounds. It stands off of Google system which tells you that “we’re going to look at your mobile web-site design before looking at desktop” because that’s how important it is.

Mobile first means that you’re designing and creating your entire functionalities all around the idea that somebody’s going to be on the mobile website.

2. When is a responsive design more appropriate?

We have to decide who is your target audience. Let’s say you have some kind of website that’s tailored towards seniors or boomer generation that’s not on their phones a lot. And you created a mobile-first site and put a lot of effort into it but it turns out that 99% of your users are on the desktop, so there was no point in that, you should have opted for responsive design.

However, it you’re targeting Gen Z, Millennials and the next generation, you should opt for the mobile-first. If you cater to the phone and the future technology, it will benefit you in the long run.

3. What is the difference between mobile-first and responsive web design in terms of cost, SEO optimization and quantity of content?

For mobile-first, you have to add an extra time for design that won’t translate to the desktop the way you wanted to, so you have to design for desktop too.

So you will see some extra cost where design time and development time add in an extra 30% of time, so the cost will go up from there.

A mobile-first design doesn’t have to necessarily have as much text as desktop design has, so it will be around the same for verbiage. So quantity is about the same for verbiage but for design work you will need more time for mobile-first, which means the cost will go up.

Thank you for your time. If you have any questions, leave a comment.

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