Mobile App UX/UI Design - Figma Tutorial (Travel App)

In todays Figma tutorial we will design UX/UI for Travel Mobile App. This is second video from the series of speed designs, perfect for relaxation & learning without my usual, boring narration.

I'm deliberately not using more advanced features of Figma like auto layout, components and I'm not using external design system. I'm also not following some of the good practices and many concepts related to UI and UX design. I'm doing it this way, so even the total beginner can replicate my steps.

First part of the video is dedicated to establishing core concepts, then I move to wire-framing in hi-fidelity, then I'm making the prototype, showcasing how to export finished mobile app screens and at the end I'm preparing app mockup in Photoshop.

Watch more of my Figma tutorials here: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtZjSN7j6ANwYc2jAkdAz4HWndJNGLjVK

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