Microsoft Access Developer 32. FTP Files, Value from Web APIs, Group Search ANY or ALL. On Delete.

Microsoft Access Developer Level 32 is 3 hours, 1 minute long, and is available on my web site at https://599cd.com/ACD32


Export Report as HTML
Auto FTP Files to Web Server
Currency Conversion
Get Value from Web API
Customer Groups
Search in ANY or ALL Groups
On Delete Event Handling

In today's class we will learn how to FTP files up to a web server with one click. This is great if you have information you want to share on your web site, such as a calendar or a product list. We'll make a button to have Access export a report and then FTP it automatically up to your web server.

Next we'll see how to get data from a Web API using just VB and without using the Web Browser control. We'll build a currency conversion utility and we'll have our database go out to the web to get the current up-to-the-minute exchange rates.

We'll put customers into various groups and we'll build a form to search for customers that are in ANY selected group, or in ALL selected groups. We'll learn how to properly use the On Delete event, and how to give friendly error messages when a user attempts to add a duplicate value in an indexed field.

In Lesson 1, we will learn how to export a Microsoft Access report as an HTML document so it can be viewed in a web browser.

In Lesson 2, we will learn how to run that export with just one line of VBA code. We will also see how to connect to a Google Drive folder. This way it's a simple click and drag to update your web site, or a public folder, with your report.

In Lesson 3, we will learn how to FTP into a web server using the command line. We will then write a script file using VB I/O routines. We will launch that FTP script to upload the HTML file to our web server. We will then launch our web browser to view that the file was successfully uploaded. One click FTP from Access to the Web.

In Lesson 4, we will learn how to convert between multiple currencies in your Microsoft Access database

In Lesson 5, we will learn how to create a currency conversion table so you can easily switch between multiple types of currency, and display more than one currency on your forms, reports, etc.

In Lesson 6, we will learn how to use the XMLHTTP object to call a Web API and pull the current currency conversion rates from the Internet. We will use my FindBetween function to parse the string that's returned and then save the updated data in our table.

In Lesson 7, we're going to be dealing with customer groups. We're going to be putting customers in various groups based on certain tags. Then we will build a parameter query to do a simple wildcard search on them.

In Lesson 8, we're going to create an actual group tabl so we can pick a group from a list of groups. This way each customer can be in multiple groups. We'll use a many-to-many relationship with a junction table. Then on the customer list form we will set up a combo box so we can filter the results to show just customers from the chosen group. We'll make a button to clear the filter.

In Lesson 9, we're going to set up a complex search form for our groups. We'll set up a search table. We'll learn about the proper way to use the On Delete event. We'll learn how to display friendly error messages when someone tries to add a duplicate value to an indexed field. We will learn how to show customers who are in ANY of the groups listed, or are in ALL of the groups listed (AND vs. OR conditions). It's not as easy as you might think!

Find out more at https://599cd.com/ACD32


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