Micro Frontends with Luigi – UI Development at Scale November

This session will give insights about a trending topic in frontend development - Micro Frontends. This architecture style addresses the challenge of having a too big frontend to manage and coordinate across multiple teams or products. You will learn about its key aspects, technical and organizational issues it induces, and how these can be handled, on the example of project "Luigi", SAP's own open-source Micro Frontend framework.

Devtoberfest Week 6: http://sap.to/6050Jn9gO
Project "Luigi": http://sap.to/6051Jn9gP
Twitter Account of Project "Luigi": http://sap.to/6052Jn9gu
DIY Tutorial: http://sap.to/6053Jn9gR

0:00 Intro
0:17 Definition of Micro Frontends
5:40 Why Micro Frontends
13:11 Project "Luigi"
24:25 Minimalistic Code Example
27:39 Closing
Web design
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