MERN stack developer roadmap 2022 | How to become a MERN stack web developer in 2022!!!

In this video we discuss about MERN stack developer roadmap 2022. If any student, professional or developer is there who wants to become a MERN stack developer in 2022 then he can definitely follow this roadmap and get some guidance on how he can become a MERN stack developer. This might be the best decision of your life as age doesn't matter in Web Development Field.

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0:00 - DON'T SKIP
0:46 - Should you learn MERN stack web development
1:43 - Average Package of a MERN stack developer
2:39 - Time Required to become a MERN stack developer
4:03 - Technologies required to become a MERN stack developer
5:26 - Step 1: HTML, CSS and Javascript
6:09 - Step 2: Backend Development
7:10 - Express JS
8:05 - MongoDB
10:05 - Step 4: Some more things to Learn
10:25 - Step 5: Build Projects
11:15 - Summary
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