Meet the UXDA21-Winners: FLAGG Community based Dark Pattern warning assistant

The use of manipulative design elements leads to an asymmetrical power relationship in which the needs of users must increasingly give way to corporate goals. It is necessary for consumers to understand how deceptive designs are created and function in order to protect themselves. FLAGG is a browser extension which gives users the tool to detect manipulations on the web and make them visible to other users.

»The data economy, combined with manipulative design patterns, leads to an asymmetrical power balance between users and the corporate world employing these ‘dark technologies’. The FLAGG browser extension exposes manipulations and manipulators and gives a measure of control back to the user. The jury especially liked how the ‘wisdom of crowds’ leads the way to make the web a better space.« - Jury member Markus Turber

More about the project: https://ux-design-awards.com/en/gewinner/flagg
Web design
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