Media training #3: Expanding your audience

The Walkley Foundation and Scanlon Foundation present - Media training: Inclusive reporting that represents Australia's diversity.

This event is brought to you by the Walkley Foundation in partnership with the Scanlon Foundation and Media Diversity Australia.

Session 3: Expanding your audience

This is the third in a series of professional development webinars for Australian journalists to bring greater diversity and inclusion to their reporting, presented by the Walkley Foundation and the Scanlon Foundation. This session focuses on expanding your audience, with a conversation between Jen Sharpe and Asanti Abubakar.

Jen Sharpe is currently the B&T Executive Leader, PRIA Industry Leader of the Year and Mumbrella CommsCom PR Leader of the Year and Founder of ThinkHQ which has championed inclusive communications. This burgeoning field is still testing its concepts and methods but importantly it is doing it with the input of the communities who have been previously disregarded.

Asanti Abubakar, a young community activist and advocate for Islamic, Oromo and multicultural community empowerment, will share her views on the opportunities for the Australian media to improve representation of diverse views. Jen and Asanti will discuss best-practice advice for reporting and storytelling that is inclusive of broader audiences, how we navigate past mistakes and avoid future pitfalls.
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