Material Design For UI UX Designers - UI UX Design Tutorial

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In this course I demonstrated the need to use a design Language in the building of our style library as UI UX Designers.
And I used the Material Design language to achieve this.

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10 hour video UI design course : https://youtu.be/YmdtXc_bzDw

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Here is the course outline :
00:00:00 - Introduction
00:02:01 - What is a UI UX Design language
00:02:28 - Introduction to Material Design
00:03:26 - Design Tokens
00:18:33 - Material Design Tokens
00:30:55 - Create a typography system using Material Design
01:00:34 - Create a color system using Material Design
01:35:48 - Create responsive column grids using Material Design
01:48:15 - Create shadow effects using Material Design
02:00:28 - Create user friendly components using Material Design
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