Material 3 support for Flutter - What's new?

The Flutter Team at Google I/O announced opt-in support for Material 3. This includes Material You features like dynamic color, an updated color system and typography, updates to many components, and new visual effects introduced in Android 12 like a new touch ripple design and a stretch overscroll effect.

In this video, we look at some of the widgets available to use!

This talk was delivered at Flutter Bangalore, an event organized by GeekyAnts.

0:00 Introduction
0:20 About the speaker
01:02 What is Material Design
01:49 How to use Material 3 in Flutter
03:41 What's new in Flutter?
05:06 App Bar
07:26 Navigation Bar
11:48 Colors and Themes
12:30 Typography
12:54 Responsive and Adaptive apps
13:17 What's next?
14:04 Conclusion

Material Design 3 is largely complete in the Flutter 3 release, allowing developers to take advantage of an adaptable, cross-platform design system that offers dynamic color schemes and updated visual components.

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Codelab by Flutter team:

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