Master Responsive Web Development - learn Web Development

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Master Responsive Web Development - learn Web Development
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Learn the skills you need to help you design responsive and future-proof websites that meet the demands of web users.
Understand what responsive development is, and why it's vital for modern web development.,Learn how to set up a front-end workflow.,Learn how to work with HTML and Sass,Learn how to build a grid system,Learn how to style the websites
A PC or Mac,Internet Access,Welcome to this course: Master Responsive Web Development. Learning Responsive Web Development will empower you with the skills required to create responsive web applications in a quick and efficient manner. Developing websites in today's society is more complicated than just traditional HTML code. Now we have HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and several others out there. With multiple devices on the market we can view websites with, it is even harder to build that perfect website to be compatible with all devices. This course will give you in depth knowledge about the basics of responsive web development. You will embark on a journey of building effective responsive web pages that work across a range of devices.,At the end of this course, you'll be able to build a single-page portfolio website from scratch. So let's get started!,Web DevelopersSoftware DevelopersWeb DesignersAnyone who wants to learn Responsive Web Development,Web Developers,Software Developers,Web Designers,Anyone who wants to learn Responsive Web Development
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