Marketing Strategies for Small Business... that actually work & help you sell more

"Marketing is really just about sharing your passion." Michael Hyatt

Brilliant CEO’s know that in order to grow their business they need to get after their marketing.

But many entrepreneurs find marketing a bit overwhelming. Picking the right platforms, keeping up with the ever-changing nature of social & digital media, and even getting out content in a timely manner can feel like a lot. And then there’s the whole question of “is this working or not?”!

Marketing is critically important. Marketing is how your business interacts with the world around you, especially your target audience.

Of course, marketing shows off what you do...the products or services you sell. But great marketing connects to the hearts & minds of your ideal clients, helping them see why you’re the right fit for them...and shifting them closer toward making a purchase.

Great marketing is strategic, focused, and designed to get results (aka sales). It’s NOT about just cranking out content.

This training is 100% devoted to Marketing Strategy and helping you craft a plan that will get results in your business. You’ll get a deep dive into “Big Brand Thinking” and then learn how to distill that down into your business. You’ll also learn how to map your marketing funnel and align specific marketing activities to each phase helping your ideal clients inch closer to the sale.

This signature Thrive Method training is taught by Hilary Johnson, Hatch Tribe Founder & Business Growth Coach.

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