Making a Game - Breakout

I'm not an expert programmer by far. I have some post-secondary education in Web Design. And I can "tech support". Beyond that, I have no formal programming education. I have otherwise 100% self taught myself programming. I know several programming languages: GWBASIC, Turbo Pascal, C/C++ (even have an MFC book from years ago; wow what a book), PERL, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and now, GML (although strictly speaking these are mostly scripting or markup languages). But, saying one knows a programming language is like one saying they know how to move the chess pieces; there's more to it than just knowing the moves. With that said (or typed, I guess), I don't do things the "standard" way. I figure it out as I go. Anyways, this is my foray into the making of breakout. It's been done a billion times. I know. It is said to become a master, first you must copy the greats. Now, I'm already part way into the project. Not a huge way in. Just getting the ball to bounce around properly. There will be no audio, for the time being. Just me coding, and testing. I'll be able to chat, though.

This stream will run periodically, and could run for HOURS. Sometimes, I will walk away to get a coffee, or a pee, or to let the dogs out, or whatever happens. It's a busy house. Hence, no audio. I will often rewrite code.

If you want the code, I can post the project ... somewhere. Let me know where the best place(s) is/are and I'll put it up.
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