Make Responsive Website Using HTML & CSS | Multi Page Website Design Part - II

Let's make a complete business website using HTML and CSS only that can send an email and is fully responsive on any device. Step by step process to create a fully functional and totally responsive website using HTML and CSS.

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Part 1:

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Live website:
Formsubmit (mail handler):

In this video, we will learn to create a Contact page and Login page with a working contact form. And at last, we'll host it for free with a custom domain.

And forgive me if I sound horrible in English. The real reason is that I'm horrible at English.

And here is the time stamp:
00:00:00 - intro
00:00:18 - project overview
00:01:35 - start making a contact page
00:15:38 - making contact form
00:32:05 - making social media links
00:41:48 - Login page
01:04:05 - Send an email with contact form
01:11:35 - Hosting website with custom domain?


Hosting websites for free(playlist):

Making Facebook Clone using HTML & CSS:

Send EMAIL without backend (using HTML):

Top 5 online CODE editors:


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