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We walked down all the good avenues
Avenues of love, joy, fullfilled childhood
we actually never got kicked out of the nest
we did overbalance
we stumbled faltered fell
and now we are getting forced
we are
Lookin' North we are
we are Lookin' North
we are Lookin' Lookin' North
We walked down all the good avenues
and now we are
Lookin' North

my heart broke in pieces
well, that's a phrase washed out and overused
but my heart broke in pieces as I watched hger walking up to the wooden bed
her bladebones felt like broken wings
and so we are getting forced to look Nord

she is missing sunsets for days
she is looking North
searching hold, to angry to pray
she is looking North

he'd say:
"Don't you start crying my lonely heart,
time will go by and you stop to fall apart,
I hold you close even just in my thoughts
that's why you find me
though you're sill looking North."

mit: Antonia und Carlotta Dering

Song: Antonia Dering
Mix: Theresa Zaremba
Recording: Manfred Mildenberger
Master: GKG Mastering
Concept: Dering Sisters Productions

Camera: Carlotta Dering
Cut: Antonia Dering
Costumes: Carlotta Dering

Antonia Dering: vocals
Patricia Römer: vocals
Amélie Haidt: vocals & guitar
Julia Hornung: doublebass
Lisa Wilhelm: drums
Bettina Maier: saxophone
Ramona Schwarzer: trombone

logo design: Christoph Lohr


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