ListNerds Next Level Mobile Responsive eMails

Last Monday we discovered how to make a graphic in Canva and use it as an email in ListNerds and almost any other mailer and autoresponder as long as they allow for custom HTML emails.

Today on the last day of February we will discover how to make these emails mobile responsive so they look good on any phone or tablet.

This is important because according to 4th quarter of 2021 had 54.4% of all internet traffic was coming from mobile phones. I think it is clear that a large portion of the people that receive our eMails may be reading them on their smartphone or similar device.

Armed with this knowledge it is a great idea to take a few extra steps and make those beautiful eMails mobile responsive to enhance our CTRs (Click Thru Rates).

I will also be doing a walk-through of the Auto Mailer it really is quite awesome.

Thank you so much for watching
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