Life As A Freelance Web Developer

Have you ever wanted to quit your day job and go freelance? Hi, I'm Nolan Erck, and I've been a full-time freelance web developer for over a decade. While the code I've written is probably a lot like your projects, that's where the similarities stop. Being freelance has its own levels of freedom, exploration, and independence that a typical corporate job won't. And it's also got unique concerns such as billing, taxes, insurance, and other things that need to be factored in, or you'll be in for some rough surprises along the way. Learn from my mistakes! If you've ever wanted to go out on your own, the tips we discuss in this preso will be a great place to start. Make sure you're prepared so your freelance career is a success!

Main Takeaways:

* How I got started as a freelancer
* Pros and cons
* Why freelancing may not be for you
* Tips for finding new projects
* The essential non-technical skills for freelancing
* Other resources

Target audience:

Software developers considering leaving their corporate job and striking out on their own are encouraged to attend. New freelance contractors looking for tips to level-up their business will also get value from this session. The content in is not specific to any one technology - both back-end and front-end developers from any tech stack will benefit this discussion.

Web design
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